Mom of the Month- Cortney & Joan Marengo


Philly Moms Club member Cortney Marengo was in need of something to help get her children through the cold and flu season. With the chilly weather came runny noses, and she found her sons wiping their noses on their pillows, furniture and clothes- basically anything except a tissue! Together with her mother in law, Joan Marengo, she developed the perfect solution- the MOMKERCHIEF!

The design is very basic- a square of quality fabric with a very sturdy clip so it can be easily attached to any article of clothing without bothering the kids. Momkerchiefs are machine washable and the fabric is all organic!

Cortney does event planning for a local township and Joan works for a dermatologist in the area, but they were so excited about the Momkerchief that they launched an etsy site, MarengoMoms.

“Once we created the solution, I knew other families would benefit from the Momkerchief!” says Cortney. And they have! Momkerchiefs can be used for runny noses, nursing moms, pets, working out and so much more. Cortney loves hearing from customers who find innovative uses for the Momkerchief.  “It has been exciting to see how beneficial they can be in various ways!”
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Giving back is important to both Joan and Cortney, so $1 from each MOMKERCIEF purchase goes directly to Laurel House to help raise Domestic Violence awareness and prevention.

Cortney and Joan are offering 10% OFF in their Etsy shop to all PMC members through the month of November! (Use coupon code PHILLYMOMSCLUB at checkout) Visit their etsy page at (be sure to check out their adorable baby doll carriers as well!). They can also be found on Facebook at

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